Traffic sign for you to write a love letter.Please check!
Traffic sign for you to write a love letter. Please check!

Once, I walk alone in the world

meet you in the crowd

The feeling of electric shock I will never forget

So we promised in the church

Every day I ride a bike carrying you to work

struggle together
The day goes by the better
The bike turned into a car

Every day we turn around each other
you're the apple of my eye

After that
We have a baby

I feel more and more
tolerance and understanding
make this home more warm

Encounter a dispute
we will let ourselves slow down in time
do not let the radical words hurt the other side

The future of our way
may not be smooth sailing

But as long as we are together

We will move in the direction of happiness

Even if we can not go anywhere

Still forget the original heart, holding your hand, saying "I love you"again

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