Do you know these confusing traffic signs?
Do you know these confusing traffic  signs?
No thoroughfare  vs   No entry

No thoroughfare

It is suggested that vehicles and pedestrians should not move forward and pass in order to avoid traffic accidents

No entry

Mainly for one-way street. Motor vehicles will also be fined if they are not allowed to travel, roads and lanes, but they will not be deducted

Parking prohibited   vs    Parking prohibited  for a long time

Parking prohibited

You can't park in a second, or you'll be fined

Parking prohibited for a long time

You can stop, but not for long

Stop the line  vs  Slow down the line

Stop the line
Crossroads, parking on the parking line to wait and see, to confirm the safety, only allowed to pass.

Slow down the line
The vehicle should be slowed down, the vehicle driver must be slow or stop, and it is safe to be allowed to continue until it is safe to ensure the priority of the main road.
Straight mark   vs   A one-way street

Straight mark

This road can only go straight and not turn

A one-way street

The road only allows cars to drive in one direction.

This is a title

Will the car first
When the road is compared with the car, there are the vehicles that avoid the conditions, to let the vehicles that do not avoid the conditions to pass first.

give way
while meeting , the vehicle that faces the mark must stop to let the other vehicle go first

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