From the “stop” traffic card about the fear of the rules
From the “stop” traffic card about the fear of the rules

The most American traffic instruction is not the traffic light, but the STOP sign, the STOP sign, as shown in the figure above. Drivers who have passed a driving license in the United States know that a driver encounters a stop sign and, regardless of when and where the traffic is, must stop and move on. The signs are widely used in residential areas and in remote areas.

According to American traffic laws, there are many other specific rules related to stop signs. For example, where a stop sign is in place, people are always bigger than cars when there is a pedestrian, and the driver has to let pedestrians cross the road first. In all four directions there is a stop sign at the intersection, who first goes first; If two cars arrive at the same time, usually everyone will give each other a hand. Trail merged into the main place, usually only small road eloquence ShuYou stop sign, from the trail of the vehicle to run on the road vehicles, for the traffic safety again into the road, thus ensuring the smooth traffic.

Another important purpose of setting up a stop sign is to control the speed of the car to avoid sudden accidents. In densely populated areas, speed is generally limited to 25 miles (40 kilometers) per hour, the driver was at a stop sign have to stop completely, so the streets once appear, pedestrians, especially small children or pets, the driver will be able to stop the car in time, lest too fast skidded and a car crash.

In the United States, compliance with parking signs is completely dependent on chauffeur's self-discipline or self-conscious behavior, where there is no camera equipment and no police supervision. I've been driving in the United States for almost a decade, never violating the traffic rules and not seeing anyone breaking the parking sign. It can be said that the American people respect this rule from the heart, and in this atmosphere, I, the person from China, will also be infected and follow the rules into a conscious act.

I have worked in Singapore for more than a decade, and I know that Singapore society imitates the west everywhere, but it shows its own habits in compliance with traffic laws. There are also vertical parking signs on Singapore's roads, but the average number is much less than that of the United States, which means that most places in the United States, where the parking signs are erected, are largely unmarked.

In my at the national university of Singapore, on my way to home from work, there are two "STOP" signs, I watched her for so many years, didn't see a driver is strictly abide by rules, some people is to put the speed a bit slow, meaning, there are quite a few drivers are even the speed be blunt past. Several times, I witnessed a near-collision, while the driver blew his horn and shouted loudly and loudly.

Singapore people abide by the laws and rules out the name, most Chinese people know this, but Singapore people follow the rules mainly being scared, when there is no punishment, they are very different.

I have been in the United States for so many years, I have not seen a traffic accident, and I haven't heard that anyone around me has been injured or killed in a car accident.

In comparison, I feel that the traffic accident rate in Singapore is much higher than that in the United States. When I first came to Singapore, I was living at the university's teacher's apartment, and I was going to go through a highway about 5 kilometers from where I live, and I saw four accidents. The day before I wrote this article, I came back to work in the city, and there was a serious car accident on the road, and three ambulances came in.

In Singapore, I saw one of the most tragic accident happened in the 78 years ago, a car from the trail into the avenue of the taxi, no parking, directly into, knocked down an avenue to drive a motorcycle, motorcycle driver far flung, on the road to turn over a lot of roll, upper body chafed skin, disastrous. Also in the previous years, a professor at the national university of Singapore was killed by a car while crossing the street near the school, and the university President issued a notice to all staff to remind everyone of the traffic safety.

Compared with the us and Singapore, China is another extreme. In recent decades, China's auto popularity quickly, road facilities and rapid development of China's traffic laws and the United States are similar, but the most, the most important traffic signs, "STOP" sign is so far no presence in China. I've been thinking, how can we not learn from such an important traffic indicator of public safety? But then I thought, "STOP", what happens? Ask yourself, if we drive ourselves, face this sign, can we do well?

In recent years, I have seen car rear-end accidents on my way from capital airport to Beijing city hotel. In addition, even the village where I was born, the tragedy that people have caused by not obeying the traffic rules, also made me feel terrible. My hometown the village of about 600 people now, last year I went back to see a new grave, folks told me that was buried inside a four people die in car accident, including a pair of young people marry soon and both sides of the mother, the driver died in the accident. In the past dozen years, there have been more than a dozen deaths from car accidents in this small village.

The popularity of the car has brought convenience to everyone, but if you don't turn the traffic rules into voluntary action, the car will become a serious threat to people's lives. If one day, this kind of stop sign can be seen everywhere in China, it would be great to be able to follow this traffic rule to a conscious awareness.

To know that the people are safe and happy, the society is harmonious and stable, and the country is prosperous and developed without a prerequisite: everyone respects and reveries the order and rules.

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