Traffic rules icon and interpretation

Traffic rules icon and interpretation

The United States, like China, is a vast territory, and the United States is a nation of immigrants, and individuality is an important feature of the American people. Therefore, American creativity has always been at the forefront of the world. The United States is a society, the transportation network is also very rich, but in the United States, very little intersection has a camera, everything depends on everybody consciously abide by traffic regulations, and the United States is a credit society, if driving violation of traffic regulations, not only and severe punishment, and will directly affect their credit, which brings great inconvenience to the life. The United States each state laws are different, drive to pay attention to consciously abide by the provisions of the various traffic signs, through small traffic signs, also can see the country a variety of different culture, custom, and social values.

New York: this is the traffic sign of the bridge in Brooklyn bridge Manhattan, the most common traffic sign, similar to China.

Inside the central park: no signs of cycling entry.

From Key West to Miami, the motorcyclists roared past us and watched, oddly enough, the American highway seemed to have no sign of banning motorbikes.

The road into Miami is marked by traffic signs, and American roads are numbered. So before you drive, it's best to be familiar with the road Numbers you're going to take, otherwise it's easy to go wrong.

Route 66, also known as the American mother road, was once a highway for the American people's congress, from northern Chicago to San Francisco in the west. In that year, millions of people had a gold rush, and a number of people followed route 66 to the wild west, chasing their dreams. Now, the old highway 66 has already been abandoned, highway 66, history has become a symbol, a symbol of a kind of spirit, travel along the old highway 66, has been exploring the history of the United States the best lines.

All the United States of scenic area traffic signs, are reddish-brown as the background.

This is the traffic sign that people give way to animals. In the doorway of a neighborhood where a friend lives, because there are often ducks and tortoises passing by, the driver must be reminded to pay attention to the animals.

Of course, there are plenty of interesting traffic signs that the United States has the world's largest number of cars, but the lowest traffic fatality rate. It has a lot to do with the traffic rules. While traffic signs are just a common occurrence in our daily lives, it is true that in some places we should learn from the United States.

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