Safety signs, gantry signs and traffic signage are commonly observed along the highways and in construction sites. These are essential in keeping the welfare of the public against accidents and other unexpected incidents. Hence, traffic signs are designed to warn people of potential dangers while providing them with necessary information. For instance, a safety signage will tell you the specific rules and road conditions so that you are aware of what you’re getting into. And with a reputable company that offers custom signs and signage printing service, you are guaranteed to receive quality products that you exactly need.

But what are the types of signs you usually see around you? Check out the following insights to understand how signs differ based on their purposes:

Regulatory signs – these signs are designed to tell people about the laws they need to comply with. Except for roundabout, give way, and stop signs, most of these signs are available in rectangular shapes. They are typically black prints on white background for more visibility. And sometimes, these signs offer colored prints like red and green signage.

Warning signs – this is a type of signage that tells people for possible dangers they might encounter ahead of the way. Usually, they are black prints on yellow background with diamond shape frame.

Advisory signs – these are usually speed signs combined with other advisory signs. They demonstrate maximum speed for drivers but are still in safe conditions. However, signs are mixed with other warning signs in order to inform the public on how long they must look out to prepare from particular hazards ahead.

Stock signs – once you’ve seen signs that include images of animals or certain texts like stock crossing, you will be encountering animals ahead or along the road. This sign tells you to stop or slow down to avoid hitting the animals. If you don’t follow the signs, you will pay a fine. 

Warning triangles – these are particularly important for breakdowns and crashes. Vehicles with more than 12 tons GVM are required to put at least three warning triangles to anticipate breakdown situations. 

Variable message signage – this sign is a large electronic signs positioned on one side of the road. They usually show messages to advise motorists of certain changes during normal traffic situations like congestion, road works, road closures, crashes, and fog. These are also early warning devices to provide more efficient and safer traffic flow.

Motorway signs – they offer specific information regarding the beginning and end of highways or motorway. These signs also show the proper exits from the motorway that you are tracking. 

Precedence for buses – this is a priority advice for buses within an area. They usually provide Give Way signs to motorists for a safe pull-out from their stopping place.

Temporary road work signs – these are commonly seen at road works to securely allow motorists when passing an area with ongoing construction. Drivers need to slow down and look out for potential hazards that can affect them while passingthe road. Signals should be obeyed from the traffic controller to prevent.untoward incidents.

There is clearly a reason behind the invention of signage. And the most obvious one is for protection and prevention of accidents. The public is advised to pay keen attention when it comes to signs in order for them to stay safe. The road signs provided are actually there to ensure your safety while driving. All you need to do is consider them and follow each signage for ultimate protection.

These markers also allow drivers to know their required speed limit on certain points. They will also tell you where and when to turn so that you will not hit any vehicle from the opposing direction. Professional drivers understand the meaning of all these signs because they passed their driving lessons. So if you are currently in a driving class, you need to be familiar with these signs for a successful approval of your license. Never ignore the Speed Limit signs or else you’ll fail your driving test.

One of the most ignored signs by student drivers is the No Entry sign. Making turns should be well thought to avoid bumping other cars on the road. Always determine the areas where you can enter or not enter. It’s actually easy to follow signs if you understand what they mean. So take the time to memorize these signs by heart for a hassle-free journey especially during long drives. When you drive around the city, you will also encounter a gantry signage particularly on ongoing construction. Do not ignore them to ensure your safety under scaffolds.


Traffic control and road signs are crucial for every driver. You need to take them seriously for safe and comfortable road trip. They are placed there to help you.

navigate the road without the hassles. Most driving experience is enhanced through these signs while improving your skills and knowledge whenever you’re on the road. Hence, drivers are rest assured to reach their destinations in the most convenient way possible.

With the essential information as well as roadway rules provided by these signs, you don’t have to worry of getting lost along the way. If you are taking a new route, the signage located at the side of the road will help you reach the exact location you are bound to go. However, there are times that the signage is not clearly visible due to wear and tear. It’s a huge responsibility to maintain them for everyone’s safety.

This is why a reputable signage maker in the Philippines is needed to secure longterm use. The traffic safety signs provided by the company are guaranteed to stand harsh weather conditions for a completely reliable guide on the road. If you are interested, you can check out the link and see how they work. It offers fast shipping, custom signs, and professional signage makers at competitive rates.

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