Snow driving precautions

Snow driving precautions

First, the most critical driving in the snow must be to maintain low and stable. As the braking distance will increase with the increase of speed, so you must control the speed, in order to allow the car and the car to maintain a larger safety distance.

Second, the ice must remember not to hurry to hit the steering wheel. When you need to turn, we must first be slow down, and then appropriately increase the turning radius, and to slowly hit the steering wheel, in particular, should pay attention to the suburban mountain road, and sometimes ice and snow on the road is intermittent, this When you hit the direction must be done in advance to take measures to be completed at the break. Also ensure that you are driving, the sole is not snow or thin ice.

Third, try to keep driving straight at a constant speed. Driving on ice and snow, the driver must pay attention and be vigilant. The distance between the car and the car must be 1.5 times larger than usual.

Fourth, with or without ABS, we must pay attention to should not pick block, it should be the use of engine traction deceleration, and for ABS vehicles, while brakes, but also pay attention to good control direction, not urgent hitting direction, for no ABS vehicles, at the same time need to take a manual brake method to brake.

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