Application of Solar Road Stud in Expressways

Application of Solar Road Stud in Expressways

Solar road stud is a kind of road studs, which is set up along the road and used at night or in adverse weather conditions to delineate the way for drivers and guide the way for them. Composed by the   retroreflective material, shell, solar panels, LED, controller,  and the visual induced facilities with active luminous and passive reflective properties, the solar road studs plays the same role as the traffic lines. It is produced for the focus of the building of the expressways is transformed to the mountainous areas and those places with slow economical development. The wind speed of the expressways in mountainous areas is influenced by mountains and river valleys, and the average speed is only 1.2 m/s, and the wet climate combined with the forest with luxuriant plant cause the forming of mists frequently. The mist is not districted evenly, and the visibility will be good in some area, but poor in other area. This condition always happens at night, and the drivers will feel dark if he drive into the mist area with high speed. However, some drivers may not accept the sudden change in visual and they will be frightened, which may cause traffic accidents. And the automatic flashing of the solar road stud and strong light will improve the safety of vehicles on the expressways and avoid the happening of traffic accidents effectively. 

The solar road stud can also be applied in common roads, paths of countryside and other roads, which is widely used to reduce the traffic accidents cause by weather conditions or personal problems. As the new product, the solar road stud will be popularized for its energy saving and evident effect in the future.

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