What advantages have solar power traffic lights?

What advantages have solar power traffic lights?

Nowadays, environmental problems, such as air pollution, water pollution and others are connected with the use and combustion of natural fuels, thus advocating sustainable development by central government. In order to get the goal, many industries began to use new energy—sun energy and are coming later.
Traffic lights module cable free traffic lights system was developed to substantially improve road security and to ensure smooth traffic process. The solar power traffic light is especially suitable for placing in sites without developed infrastructure-no fixed power supply connection, without cabling possibility etc. Solar power traffic lights are supplied by battery buffered solar system and the communication between ploe`s logical controllers is ensured via radio. The distribution cabinet with electronic and batteries is placed in the top of the pole to avoid the vandalism attacks. The low consumption LED signal heads are used here. By way of assembling of solar power traffic light, it is possible to creat any shape of intersections, pedestrian crossings or alternated traffic control by narrow roads.
Compared with traditional traffic lights, What advantages have solar power traffic lights? There are listed as follows: First, solar power traffic light module is easy to install and quick to reinstall, which is the best advantage over others. Second, power supply independent. Solar power traffic lights mainly rely on the solar, which is independent and not infuenced by other factors, thus solar power traffic lights are low power consumption. Third, solar power traffic light is no cabling and higher level of security than traditional traffic lights. Certainly, there are other advantages, such as continuous signal monitoring,Free programmable, Status checking bia sms.
Besides solar power traffic lights `s advantage, it also bring convenience to pedestrian crossings , alternated traffic and vehicle detection as option and customised pole`s design. 
All these advantages are based on solar power traffic`s traffic light module, its optimized price are beyond other traffic light, quality is good and price is attractive. In order to realize sustainable development, solar power traffic light is best choice.

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