Indoor Hazards – Safety concerns inside your business can range from serious problems, like flammable gases, to simple ones, such as wet floors. While slippery or wet floors may seem like an insignificant issue,  if a customer or employee falls and receives an injury, your business could be held accountable. Orange safety cones are great for cautioning people about wet floors, broken glass, and other indoor hazards.

Remodeling – Every business should have a supply of orange safety cones to keep people out of areas undergoing remodeling efforts. Dangers from dust from smashed sheet rock to falling bricks from a demolished exterior wall can pose threats to customers and employees. Utilizing orange safety cones to keep people safe and out of harm’s way can offer an additional layer of protection during remodeling or other work periods.

Crowd Control – Imagine your business is hosting a huge launch event and you’ve invited select customers to come learn about your newest, groundbreaking product.  Creating a "safe area" with orange safety cones to help your employees admit people into the event can help with space management control to keep traffic flow moving safely. This tactic takes advantage of the psychological impact of orange safety cones – guests that are invited can move more confidently through lines, while allowing you to control access for those that you have invited to your event.

Temporary Traffic Sign – If construction is taking place outside of your business and you need to temporarily display direction arrows or stop signs, use orange safety cones as a base for them. Customers and employees are more likely to notice and comply to signs inserted into a bright orange safety cone. After completion, lift out the signs, stack the cones on top of one another, and store everything until the next time it’s needed.

Potholes – After a few cold winters or rapid temperatures changes, there is a high probability that the parking lot of your business will develop potholes. Don’t put customers or employees at risk of driving over one of them and bottoming out or blowing a tire. Place orange safety cones around the potholes until they are filled in, paved, and safe to drive over.

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