How Solar Powered Traffic Signs Increase Awareness

How Solar Powered Traffic Signs Increase Awareness

This means so many things.  From security to increased safety to better overall visibility, the rise of solar powered stop signs and solar powered traffic signs is a win-win for everyone.  Read below as we explain how these are making it easier to adhere to the rules of the road.

Solar signs:
Add an extra beacon to important signs.  Too many people choose to roll (or run) through stop signs.  When they are equipped with solar powered lights, it is more difficult to ignore them.  If that’s what it takes to entice some people to follow the rules of the road, then so be it.
Thanks to the consistent nature of the sun, LED solar powered safety signs rarely need to be replaced.  It’s a truism that one of the most obvious elements in life is that the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening.  Each time that sun rises, it powers a traffic sign anew.  The power is harnessed and stored so that the stop sign or traffic signal will also glow at night.
When traditional stop signs lose their lights’ power, solar powered stop signs continue to shine.  This increases safety.  Imagine the following scenario: A huge storm hits your city.  The traffic signals that contain traditional bulbs quickly stop working, adding to chaos on the roads as people try to evacuate to safety.  The traffic signals that feature solar powered lights continue to blaze, giving harried travelers the structure they need in order to remain safe.  
Solar powered stop signs and solar powered traffic signs do more than increase awareness – they make that awareness a consistent truism.  Know that your traffic signs and stop signs will continue to shine, and keep those who encounter them moving expediently down the roads.  Both parties will experience peace of mind, and you’ll inevitably see fewer fatalities due to low visibility or burned-out bulbs.  Solar power isn’t a next generation possibility.  It’s here; ready to be harnessed by all who believe in its power to keep people safe.

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