How Solar Powered Safety Signs Help During Hurricane Season

How Solar Powered Safety Signs Help During Hurricane Season

Beside the obvious fact that solar powered signs are dependable beacons that usher people to safety during a natural disaster like a hurricane, they are also extremely strong.  Read below as we discuss how solar powered safety signs are the obvious power choice for many reasons.  Some of them may surprise you.

Durability – Solar stop signs and other solar powered safety lights are built to withstand high winds and inclement weather.  Though the first solar panels may have been relatively flimsy by comparison, today’s solar panels are very predictable in their reliability.  They don’t fall over at the first strong gust of wind, but stand their ground, ready to shine in the case of emergency.
Longevity – As long as the sun keeps shining, the solar panels keep providing energy.  If any tweaks need to be made, they are required much less often than with old-fashioned light bulb panels.  These bulbs used to be the lights people depended upon to usher them to safety during a hurricane; of course, the risk with bulbs is that they can be easily broken and they need replacements more often than today’s solar panels.  There’s a reason the world is moving toward solar power.  The longevity of these safety lights is a huge reason.
Cost – Since they do not need to be replaced often, solar panels present a cost-effective solution for effective hurricane lighting.  Even if they did pose more of a monetary investment, the lives that could be lost due to a few broken bulbs on a safety sign are immeasurable in value.  Therefore, it is a great thing that solar powered safety signs are affordable for cities to embrace.
Dependability – If electrical power is lost, people will have a few options to light their way to safety: flashlights, candles and solar powered safety lights.  Solar powered stop signs will keep order in a society that may lack any other lighted direction if electricity is lost at night.  Until it is restored, people will be thankful for the signs that guided them to a safe place amidst the chaos of hurricane force winds and hail.   Knowing that those safety signs will be visible amidst nearly any conditions is a very comforting truism.
Mother Nature is to blame for hurricanes, but she is also to thank for the sun.  By drawing upon the sun’s energy, we ignite the ability of solar powered safety lights to light our way to shelter in times of emergency.

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