Italy road investment from management firm

Time: 2017-10-19
Italy road investment from management firm
The Italian firm ANAS which manages much of the country’s network is setting out a major programme for road investment. In all €29.5 billion will be spent on upgrading Italian roads managed by ANAs over the next five years. This budget includes the €23.4 billion for new civil engineering work. Of the €23.4 billion, €8.4 billion is aimed at the completion of existing sections of road while €10.5 billion is for maintenance work or safety upgrades. Around 56% of the funding will be used to improve roads in the south of Italy or to upgrading routes in the Italian islands, while just 19% will be used for the north of Italy. The remainder will be used for road upgrades in the centre of the country.

This large road budget will see work carried out to some 16,000km of roads, roughly 60% of the network ANAS has responsibility for. Key maintenance tasks will account for the majority of the work, with around 15,000km of roads benefiting.

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