Slow Them Down with Radar Feedback Signs

Time: 2018-06-20

Slow Them Down with Radar Feedback Signs

With increased traffic accidents and more distracted drivers on the road, many city police departments are struggling to find ways to maintain peaceful traffic flows and reduce driver speeds, especially in areas where there are children and other types of pedestrians.

Flashing lights, red light cameras, and speed bumps are all being employed to help with this common challenge. Radar feedback signs are tools that can meet the requirement of implementing proper warning signage.

A radar feedback sign is comprised of a sign that states the legal speed limit and an electronic sign that displays a vehicle’s speed as drivers approach it. When a driver is travelling above the posted speed limit, the radar feedback sign demonstrates a clear, easy-to-identify violation for the driver. And many of these drivers reduce speeds as a result. Radar feedback signs are quickly becoming a popular and effective traffic-calming device in cities and towns all over the country.

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